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Transforming Leadership and Growth

At SOULCHI, we're leading the way in transformative leadership and personal growth. Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities while championing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Ignite Transformation

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a seasoned leader, or a change-maker, we're here to be your catalyst for change. Join us on a journey of growth and impact through our 1:1 executive coaching, SDG Working Sessions, or our upcoming SOULCHI app.

Your Path to Growth

Together, we're rewriting leadership, creating lasting change, and cultivating a brighter future. Explore the possibilities and discover your potential with SOULCHI.

10 Year Vision - Standing in 2033



Being unstoppable in innovation, while having ease and joyfulness in collaboration.


To be generating velocity in the accomplishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


To train global leaders, in bringing the agility of spiritual discernment to the space of stewardship, such that it unleashes their organization's natural collective ability to generate velocity in revenue and social impact missions.

High angle view of a team of united businesspeople standing with their hands together in a

We specialize in generating tremendous value where burnout and multiple competing agendas get in the way of collaboration, innovation and accomplishing the SDGs with aliveness, enthusiasm and ease.





Business Meeting
Business Meeting

We enable you to create a culture of strengths-based effectiveness that will increase employee engagement by 16% and bring systematic effectiveness to program goals.

We facilitate a program that won an award from the United Nations and is endorsed by the Dali Lama.

We lead you in transforming burnout to aliveness and ease.  We will bring effectiveness to the dynamic of having yourself and your organization balance multiple stakeholder agendas, by operationalizing your vision and mission and intricately integrating core values.

We dramatically reduce the time to a liquidity event for your social enterprise portfolio companies and reduce the financial drain of employee turnover by 90% within these organizations.  The #1 mistake investors are making is leaving it up to the founders to scale company culture and agility when they receive a new round of funding.

If you want to optimize your investment, by including the right balance of profit, while promoting social and environmental value creation, we are the #1 decision for you to make.



Consider that if you have tried other approaches before and they haven't been effective, that it was a false problem that you were addressing.  False problems = false solutions.  


Most organizations only look as deeply as the business strategy or external social impact and associated objectives, priorities and tasks.  When the problem is being perceived at these levels of actions being taken and addressed by strategy consultants, productivity specialist or well-being initiatives, you are putting a band-aid on a false problem.

What has been missing is the discernment to understand that the true problem resides at the levels of identity and agency.

To prevent natural forces from toppling tall structures, a low center of gravity is needed.  This is achieved by digging deep into the ground to find soil sturdy enough to hold the weight of the building.  Perhaps you have been looking at what you are building with social impact by examining the "floor plan" view of the blue print, when it is the engineering of the "elevation view" that needs to be understood.

Consider that what has been missing in your effectiveness has been the low center of gravity, that identity and aspects of agency provide.

Perhaps you are in the small category of social enterprises that are in a Series B and the way you are currently running is incredible.  What has gotten you there, will not take you to a billion dollar company.  The rocket fuel to get you to a billion dollar company is the beingness found in the levels of identity and agency.  We can evolve you into the version of yourself that you haven't even envisioned yet.

Modern Work Space




Sustainable Development Goals Activities

We've mapped 250 actions, by virtue, to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  This enables all of us to maintain a trajectory that is harmonious to the betterment of humanity globally.

When we are focused on a particular virtue for the week, and you want to know what actions you can take in your personal life and out in the world that demonstrate that virtue, we'll have the list in the palm of your hands.


"In today's competitive business environment requires the continuous availability of creative thinking and fresh approaches to problem solving.  Our team, related employees, and business partners expect modern approaches to achieving our economic goals while building upon a culture that is innately "Bitwise".

Najuma offers a holistic approach to evaluating our team dynamic and our engagements within our greater organization.  In a simple view, Najuma heightened our awareness of culture and cooperation.  By demonstrating commitment to emphasizing our individual, inherent strengths Najuma is charting a simplified path to simpler and more meaningful work.

This approach helps identify both broader cultural risks, and micro-interaction risks within our operations.  It recommends solutions to help manage those risks and measures to enhance resilience - ensuring that team engagements are of the highest quality, integrity and impact."


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