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12-Month Engagement


12-Month Engagement


2-Day Experience


"Najuma's contribution has been critical to our team cohesion and my personal development.  By reinforcing a professional approach that emphasizes personal strengths, and mapping those strengths to other team member's contribution style, Najuma has crafted a program that has forever changed the trajectory of our team.  The learning and tools provided through this program have given the opportunity for our team to move from good-to-great.  Making that jump requires the integration of professional teaming strategies and personal virtues to create an engaged, highly capable team.  Najuma has not only highlighted those specific opportunities within our team, but given a playbook for maximizing our personal and professional relationships.

Her work is incredibly valuable, impactful, and crucial for any organization seeking to uplift human engagement and professional performance."

Ryan McCullum
SVP, Revenue Operations

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