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Accelerate SDG Accomplishments with Our High-Impact Sessions

We invite leaders and teams committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to join our transformative SDG Working Sessions.  Our approach is relentlessly innovative, fostering collaboration, ease, contribution, and joy.

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Opportunity:  Join Our SDG Working Sessions

Our Goal: Propel SDG Accomplishments

We aim to create velocity in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Mission: Agile Leadership for Sustainable Development

We equip leaders with the agility to drive sustainable development through a groundbreaking leadership model. By unlocking an organization's collective potential, we unleash exponential revenue growth and high performance in social impact missions.


Who We Are: Your Partner in SDG Success

Aligned with SDG #17, our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals offers a unique group coaching experience. We are devoted to creating a world that works for everyone by achieving the SDGs.


Join our SDG Working Sessions today and empower your organization to make a lasting impact.

SDG Working Sessions - 
3 Year Vision

SDG Working Sessions - 10 Year Vision


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Welcome to the SDG Working Sessions, a transformative coaching program designed to empower organizations who are members of the United Nations Global Compact, UNPRM or organizations who are committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Our mission is to support you in integrating sustainability into all aspects of your business, driving positive social and environmental impact while achieving financial success.

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At SOULCHI, we understand that your organization's success is intricately linked to the effective integration of sustainable practices.  We are here to help you navigate this journey and maximize the effectiveness and velocity of your sustainability efforts.  Our coaching program is specifically designed to engage and align various departments within your organization, fostering collaboration, innovation, and shared responsibility towards the SDGs.


Through our tailored coaching approach, we aim to create a foundation for transformation, within your leadership and organization.  We believe that by embracing a framework of 100 virtues, we can amplify the effectiveness and results of our sustainability initiatives.  These virtues serve as guiding principles, encouraging ethical decision-making, resilience, collaboration, and visionary leadership.

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With our expertise and experience, we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of sustainable development.  Our focus is on creating a culture of excellence and holistic sustainability, where every department and individual within your organization is engaged in fulfilling the SDGs.


Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your sustainability goals.  Let us guide you in aligning your actions with the SDGs, engaging all departments, and fostering a culture of innovation collaboration and positive impact.  Together, we can create a lasting legacy of sustainable success.


Proven Results


We'll guide you in effectively integrating the SDGs, enabling you to achieve results faster and optimize your sustainability efforts.


We facilitate cross-departmental collaboration, breaking down silos and fostering alignment towards SDGs.  We'll help your teams work together seamlessly, leveraging diverse expertise and perspectives to drive sustainable impact collectively.


Designed to inspire innovative thinking.  We'll guide your teams in exploring creative solutions and practices that align with the SDGs, fostering a culture of innovation within your organization.


We help you establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure your progress towards the SDGs.  By implementing data-driven evaluation systems, you can track your sustainability performance, identify areas for improvement, and showcase your achievements to stakeholders.


We'll guide you in developing strategies to engage customers suppliers, employees and other relevant stakeholders.  By fostering meaningful relationships and partnerships you can create a broader positive impact and ensure long-term sustainability.


From supply chain management to product development, we'll help you identify opportunities to integrate sustainable practices throughout your value chain.  This holistic approach ensures that sustainability becomes an integral part of your business model.


Implementing sustainable practices often requires organizational change.  We guide you through the process of gaining buy-in from stakeholders, overcoming resistance, and creating cultures that embrace sustainability as a core value.


We facilitate partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders, including NGOs, government entities, and other businesses committed to the SDGs. By connecting you with strategic partners, we help foster collective action and leverage synergies to drive greater impact and influence positive change.


Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your sustainability goals.  Let us guide you in aligning your actions with the SDGs, engaging all departments, and fostering a culture of innovation collaboration and positive impact.  Together, we can create a lasting legacy of sustainable success.


Proven Results


By implementing metrics and measurement systems, you gain valuable insights into your sustainability performance. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and allocate resources effectively to maximize your impact on the SDGs.


Streamlined Operations: Embedding sustainability throughout your operations improves efficiency and resource management. Through our guidance, you'll identify opportunities for waste reduction, energy efficiency, and streamlined supply chain practices, leading to cost savings and increased operational resilience.


Through our training and capacity-building initiatives, your employees gain the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to your sustainability goals.  This empowers them to become sustainability champions within your organization, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of sustainable practices.


Engaging in collaborative workgroups facilitates knowledge sharing and learning from industry peers.  By participating in these communities, your organization benefits from diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and shared experiences, accelerating your progress towards the SDGs.


Our change management support ensures a smooth transition towards sustainable practices. By gaining buy-in from stakeholders, fostering a culture of sustainability, and addressing resistance to change, your organization can navigate the transformation process effectively and achieve long-term success.


Through impact assessment, you gain a clear understanding of the positive effects your sustainability initiatives have on society, the environment, and your business.  This allows you to effectively communicate your achievements to stakeholders, building trust, and enhancing your brand's reputation.


Strengthened Reputation: Engaging stakeholders through our coaching sessions fosters meaningful relationships and partnerships. By demonstrating your commitment to the SDGs and engaging in transparent communication, you enhance your reputation as a responsible and sustainable organization, attracting investors, customers, and top talent.


Industry Leadership: Joining a community of like-minded organizations and industry experts fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration. Through our coaching sessions, you'll have access to cutting-edge best practices, innovative ideas, and collaborative initiatives, positioning your organization as a leader in sustainable development.


Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your sustainability goals.  Let us guide you in aligning your actions with the SDGs, engaging all departments, and fostering a culture of innovation collaboration and positive impact.  Together, we can create a lasting legacy of sustainable success.


By conducting the SDG Working Sessions within the framework of 100 virtues, we create a powerful foundation that accelerates and amplifies the effectiveness and results of the coaching program. Here's how it connects:




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Alignment with Virtues

The 100 virtues provide a comprehensive set of guiding principles and values that inspire and inform our coaching approach. Each virtue, such as integrity, empathy, and collaboration, becomes a lens through which we navigate the coaching sessions, ensuring that the process is rooted in ethical and virtuous behavior.

Transformational Leadership

Our coaching sessions focus not only on fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals but also on transforming leadership and organizations. By integrating virtues such as courage, resilience, and vision into the coaching process, we cultivate leaders who embody these qualities and inspire positive change within their organizations.

Amplifying Effectiveness

The virtues serve as a catalyst for amplifying the effectiveness of the coaching sessions. By fostering virtues such as creativity, innovation, and perseverance, we encourage participants to think outside the box, generate unique solutions, and overcome challenges encountered in their sustainability journey.




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Culture of Excellence

Embedding the 100 virtues within the coaching program helps create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. By embracing virtues such as diligence, excellence, and self-discipline, we instill a mindset of continuous learning, growth, and striving for the highest standards in sustainability practices.

Collaborative Synergy

The virtues facilitate collaborative synergy within organizations. By emphasizing virtues such as cooperation, empathy, and respect, we foster a collaborative environment where teams work together, leverage diverse perspectives, and co-create innovative solutions to advance the SDGs.

Ethical Decision Making

The virtues provide a moral compass for ethical decision making. By incorporating virtues such as integrity, fairness, and accountability, we guide participants in making principled choices that prioritize social and environmental responsibility while ensuring financial success.




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Holistic Transformation

The 100 virtues encompass personal, interpersonal, and societal dimensions. By integrating virtues such as gratitude, kindness, and service, we nurture holistic transformation that extends beyond business outcomes. This approach fosters a sense of purpose, well-being, and fulfillment, creating sustainable impact within individuals and their communities.

Inspiration & Motivation

The virtues serve as a source of inspiration and motivation throughout the coaching journey. By highlighting virtues such as passion, enthusiasm, and optimism, we ignite a sense of purpose and drive, fueling participants' commitment to the SDGs and their journey towards sustainable success.

Authentic Leadership

The virtues guide leaders towards authentic and values-driven leadership. By emphasizing virtues such as integrity, honesty, and transparency, the SDG Working sessions empower leaders to lead by example and build trust within their teams. Authentic leadership inspires and motivates employees, creating a culture of purpose and commitment to the SDGs.




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Inspired Innovation

The virtues inspire innovative thinking and problem-solving. By embracing virtues such as creativity, curiosity, and open-mindedness, the SDG Working sessions create a supportive environment for exploring new ideas and approaches. This fosters innovation and allows for the development of sustainable solutions that address complex challenges.

Inclusive Decision-Making

The virtues promote inclusive decision-making processes. By valuing virtues such as inclusivity, respect, and empathy, the SDG Working sessions encourage diverse perspectives to be heard and respected. This inclusivity enhances the quality of decision-making, ensures representation of various stakeholders, and fosters a sense of ownership and commitment within the organization.

Cultivating Resiience

The virtues cultivate resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. By embracing virtues such as perseverance, courage, and adaptability, the SDG Working sessions prepare leaders and organizations to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of sustainable development. This resilience enables them to overcome obstacles, stay committed to their sustainability goals, and drive long-term positive change.


Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your sustainability goals.  Let us guide you in aligning your actions with the SDGs, engaging all departments, and fostering a culture of innovation collaboration and positive impact.  Together, we can create a lasting legacy of sustainable success.


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Forbes Executive Coach & Founder, SOULCHI

Najuma Abiela, founder of SOULCHI, is a visionary entrepreneur, respected thought leader as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and advocate for a virtues-based approach.  She is driven by a profound mission to create a world where virtues are at the forefront of decision-making processes and where the accomplishment of the SDGs is propelled forward with unwavering momentum.  Najuma steadfastly advocates for the recognition and implementation of virtues as a fundamental component of sustainable development.


Najuma’s wealth of experience and expertise as an executive coach and leadership development expert extends to working with heads of state and government, social impact organizations and venture capitalist, helping them align their efforts with the SDGs and create a lasting positive transformation.


At the forefront of integrating virtues into the fabric of organizations, she believes that by embedding virtues into standard operating procedures, leadership development, business education and the education and parenting of children, that businesses, governments, schools, and individuals can find sustainable solutions to life’s challenges, whilst aligning their efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  


Recognizing the immense potential for virtues to shape policies and strategies, Najuma has launched the groundbreaking SOULCHI Initiative. This coalition seeks to integrate a virtues-based approach into the political decree of the upcoming 2023 SDG Summit High-Level Political Forum. This decree, to be voted on by all members of the United Nations, holds the power to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and foster a more sustainable and inclusive future.


Through her work with SOULCHI and the SOULCHI Initiative, Najuma Abiela is redefining the landscape of sustainable development. Her steadfast efforts and innovative approach serve as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals and organizations to embrace virtues as the guiding force towards a brighter and more harmonious future.



Facilitating Transformational Conversations: CEO, Agency & CEO, The Snowdon Group.

Dafydd Snowdon-Jones began his life in the hills of North Wales. He studied Nutritional Medicine at London University D. N. Med and created and maintains a life of extraordinary health & wellbeing. He has an architectural practice of nearly 40 years. He has designed and built homes in London, France, Italy, Switzerland, Barbados & East & West Coast of the US. 16 years ago, he began his journey in Yogic, Martial and Living arts at Budokon University, becoming one of only 6 ‘professors’ (black belts) globally. He continues to work with the Budokon founder on the expansion of the living arts program – thoughts, emotions, movement, environment, and nutrition. He has actively participated at Landmark Worldwide for the last ten years and is currently a graduate of the Team, Management & Leadership Program where he continues to train and develop the New York team in the distinctions of that program.


In the world of transformational consulting & coaching, he works with individuals and organizations that are committed to social and environmental change. Currently working with an international agricultural company where a non-hierarchical culture was created of leaders causing effective leadership, clear open and effective communication, contribution, dignity, accountability – all within an empowering context.

Michael Pirson - Headshot .png


Chaired Professor, Fordham University, Research Fellow of Harvard University

Michael Pirson joined the Gabelli School of Business as an associate professor of management systems in 2008. A scholar of humanistic management, which holds that business and commerce ought to advance human dignity and society, Dr. Pirson helped to establish an undergraduate sustainable-business concentration at Fordham.

He teaches courses such as Social Entrepreneurship, Fundamentals of Management and Principles of Management, and his work spans the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Associate Professor of Management, Global Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship at Fordham University and Research Fellow at Harvard University.

He co-founded the Humanistic Management Network and is the editor of the Journal of Humanistic Management.

A native of Germany, Professor Pirson has worked and lived in Switzerland, France, China, Costa Rica, and the United States. Before beginning his academic career, he worked for an international consulting group for several years and then started his own private consultancy. He has worked for and with businesses, nonprofits, embassies, political campaigns, and local and national governments.



Founder & Executive Chairman, Fairtrasa

Patrick Struebi is a serial social entrepreneur, thought leader, and Founder and CEO of the Fairtrasa Group, a pioneering social enterprise that lifts marginalized small-scale farmers out of poverty. Fairtrasa is one of the largest organic and fairtrade exporters from Latin America with a vertically integrated business structure, impacting over 56,000 direct beneficiaries.

For his work with Fairtrasa, Patrick has been selected an Ashoka Fellow, an Endeavor high-impact Entrepreneur, a Yale World Fellow, and a Gabelli Fellow. Furthermore, he has been named four times Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Schwab Foundation (2014), The ABC Foundation (2012), Univision (2012), and Visionaries (2009). In 2014, the World Economic Forum named Patrick a New Champion and he writes a column at HuffPost and gives talks around the world on social innovation and related issues. Patrick is also an adjunct professor at Fordham University, where he teaches at the Gabelli School of Business.

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